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I – Jump Point Preview

CHAPTER #1 Busted It started with a beam of light. The shaft pierced the gray, midday sky over Golden, Colorado, shot straight across Highway 6, onto the School of Mines campus, through the open window in room 103, and right into Mitch Campbell's drooping eyes. He could have blinked and played it off but like a dork, he jerked awake and yelped. His hand spasmed as he pulled himself back from the chasm of sleep-deprived dreams into the harsh, bright reality of class. He fumbled his tablet, and it clanged to the floor right as Dr. Bische walked past his bench. Bische, mid-lecture, didn...
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"SciDex... Killer name."Everyone in 1998 who heard I'd bought a website SciDex was the first domain name I ever purchased. My goal with SciDex had been to create an index on the web of all scientific information. Back in the '90s, portals were all the rage. Collecting information into clickable lists was about the the greatest service you could provide, as no one knew at that time how to find anything of use on the web. Whole books were published containing nothing but links to fun sites. Yeah, you read that right. Books of links, like dictionaries. How quaint. But then Alta Vist...
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